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    peaceful times before the skeleton war

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    sure is hard work being the emo cousin AND the gay cousin

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    My math binders are always red every year I feel like math is just a red subject

    Math is a blue subject and I’m prepared to fight you over this

    Welcome to the world of synesthesia, folks.

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    Reblogging because I want all of my followers to be aware of just how much you can do in Photoshop, and how little of what you see on posters, in magazines and of pictures on the internet etc. are necessarily real. 

    Imagine how the model feels, too. She was hired to be the most beautiful, but they still had to change her because her beauty wasn’t enough.

    Not only is the general body distortion completely gross, but notice that they lighten her skin color. This is a white, blonde model, and they make her whiter. Actual white people aren’t even the ideal whiteness, so can you even imagine what models with dark skin have to endure in this industry?

    so for all you girls that ask “Why can’t I look like the girls in magazines” it’s because the girls in magazines don’t even look like the girls in magazines.

    yeah but


    sameoldfearsbaby please do the last one in graphic design

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    so thats what its called

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    benedict cumberbatch returns home after a long flight

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